Anonymous asked: I want a tattoo but scared of the after effects because I'm keloidal. thoughts?

If you are, it might not turn out the way you want it to because your skin could react to the tattoo. If you really want to get one, ask an expert tattoo artist who can do keloid-prone skin. ;)

Anonymous asked: hi, what camera do u use (hong kong pics) and do you edit them? thanks so much and good luck on the pregnancy! :)

For the HK photos I just used my old Canon IXUS and edited them with some Photoshop actions. Haha! By the way, thanks! :)

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Anonymous asked: What camera do you use for your photos? They're so beautiful! And do you edit them? With what program? Thanks :)

Thank you! :) Actually I use different cameras, just point-and-shoot ones: my really old Canon IXUS, a Leica D-Lux 4, and sometimes, my iPhone 4S! Then I edit the photos with some actions in Photoshop. Teehee! :)

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Anonymous asked: Hello Miss Nina. Can I ask for some advice? I am a 25 year old-educated-professional-average looking girl who's also the most insecure in the world. I never had a boyfriend nor lots of close friends because of it. I am paranoid that no guy will ever like me because there are girls out there who are prettier, richer, successful, and talented women than me. It is actually making me so anxious with people around (aka I don't go out, have no Facebook account, just generally not living). Help?

You can start by not comparing yourself to others. Stop being paranoid because that will get you nowhere. There will always be people greater and lesser than you (quoting Desiderata here, which I highly suggest you read). Insecurity is a just a mindset and you should know that you can change that. Happiness is a choice and only you can choose to be happy for yourself. No one else can do that for you. No matter what I’m saying here right now, I can only influence how you think but in the end, only you can help yourself. So please, choose to be happy. Choose to love yourself. Life is too short to think about insecurities. Life is meant to be lived and celebrated. :)

P.S. Having a Facebook account or not is totally irrelevant. You don’t have to have one and it certainly does not mean you’re not living if you don’t. Facebook is simply a social networking site, not a body part. But even those who can’t walk or see live life despite their disabilities. 

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Anonymous asked: how did you get your boyfriend to do a photoshoot with you? i have troubles with that because the first time he wanted me to, i was nervous. and when we finally did (with another model), it turned out so badly that i got a bit envious with the other model. i can't help being so awkward and nervous if there's a camera between us and he's a different person with it too (he admitted). help? :(

Just do it, girl. Don’t think too much. :)

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when i was alone in hong kong

10.01-02.11. Last year, I went to Hong Kong by myself. I was not so psyched about the idea because I knew I was not going to have anyone to share amusements with. But I did anyway just for the thrill of traveling alone. Although I am still mustering the guts to travel solo in more exotic places, the snapshots below cannot justify how exhilarating it was to get lost in translation. 

Where I stayed was very near the busy Nathan Road. 

Somehow I find myself feeling at home in the heart of a city, wherever it may be.

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Anonymous asked: Hello! Just want to ask what's the name of the hostel where you stayed in Beijing? thanks! :)

Happy Dragon Hostel. :)

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Anonymous asked: Which advertising company do you work in? :)

Publicis JimenezBasic. :)

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Food Porn: Nolita

09.18.12. Actually, this is more of a post about my friend’s despedida than it is a food post. But I’ll share with you what I enjoyed in the resto and how our night went anyway. :)

Located in that new area in BGC, across Bonifacio High Street.

Canteen-esque design meets alfresco dining.

Nolita means “North of Little Italy” but I wonder why it’s been used to name a neighborhood in Manhattan.

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Food Porn: Homemade Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

09.15.11 Yesterday, I did an experiment. All throughout the week I researched and was set to make it happen - I was going to bake red velvet cupcakes (and yes, with cream cheese frosting). Because it was my first attempt at baking, and thankfully turned out well, please allow me to share some photos. :)

My baking partner was Keito! Such a cutie this boy.

He helped me mix the wet ingredients.

Then after we mixed all the ingredients, we put them onto the baking tray with baking cups - giving them enough space to rise.

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